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  Class of '67' 50th Reunion is history
and we did it with Style!!!!
This has to be the Best Reunion yet.

Our 50th Year Gala Reunion Weekend was both a remarkable and a memorable one. It seemed everyone was grateful to use this occasion to renew friendships and cherish this special time we had together. The Committee wants to thank everyone for making our 50th reunion weekend such a huge success.
Classmates came from far and near to enjoy the weekend festivities. It started off on the evening of September 15th when approximately 50-60 Saint Agnes High School graduates and family gathered for an evening of socializing at 'Springfield Brewing Co'.  Jana & Martha had reserved the 2nd floor banquet room there which provided plenty of space and privacy for the gathering as we needed all that space since we had a large amount of classmates and spouses in attendance. The dining room was tastefully decorated with Saint Agnes & Irish banners along with memorabilia tables set up to hold old photos, scrap books, newspaper clippings, and  other memorable items from our Grade School & High School days. For a special nostalgic touch, music from the 60's was piped throughout the evening courtesy of Bill Hopper, Steve Theil, Mike Bradley and Mike Woody. Werner Nixdorf also played several of his songs. The meal started with a delicious Mexican Style Taco Buffet including chicken and ground beef and guacamole. Salad, bread, an assortment of desserts, coffee and tea were also available and there was a cash bar available all evening.  After dinner we enjoyed several hours of uninterrupted mingling, talking, joking, reminiscing, laughing and picture taking. Qudo’s to the 'Springfield Brewing Co'. who did a wonderful job in hosting our reunion and feeding all of us.
On Saturday Evening, after the Saint Agnes All School Reunion at the New High School featuring our class and all classes celebrating 5,10…60, the festivities moved to John & Dee’s home where both did a fantastic job hosting and feeding all of us as well. Heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine provided by Jeanie Morris, and an assortment of fruits & veggies were all available during the evening. While there, we again enjoyed several hours of uninterrupted mingling, talking, joking, reminiscing, laughing and picture taking.
Double & Triple Qudo’s to John & Dee for giving up their wonderful & spacious home for our 50th Reunion.
On Sunday morning, we gathered at 'Twin Oaks Country Club' for a morning breakfast and final get together. The food was good and again, for several hours, enjoyed being together and sharing & telling stories, taking pic’s and trying to figure out our next get together.

Take a moment to browse through all the pictures that have been posted from the reunion and we think you'll agree that it looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves 
A Special Committee 50th Reunion Reflection

A lot of time has passed since high school and our lives have changed in many ways since those high school days. At past reunions we’ve found that there is never enough time to visit with each other on a one-to-one basis to reminisce about those "good old days" and to see what each classmate has been doing since graduation and this one is no different. Cynthia Ruzicka and Richard Virnig put together a repeat of "The Book" project that Richard completed after our 20th reunion. They both did a terrific job and it turned out wonderful. What a great gift again-thank you Richard and Cynthia!!

To all of you who volunteered, donated and participated, you made it happenThank You!

The Committee is also asking that, in the future, you take a few minutes to either email or write us a synopsis of any memorable things you can remember about this reunion or your high school days (whether it’s something about yourself or a fellow classmate) and we will share those stories on the website. The stories can be something that happened at school or, probably even more interesting, things that happened outside of school. For those of you who were unable to join us at the reunion, we will post the stories on the web page so you can see what interesting things your classmates remember. If you send us any stories and wish to remain anonymous, we will honor that wish.
Please email your Committee with your name, address, etc. so we can forward you any and all updates. We have almost everyone's updated emails and addresses so, if you have not received any communication, please let us know.
Please send us your current cell phone number as many of you have discontinued your land lines.
We will keep the website "alive" so we can continue to stay in touch with our friends.

Take the time to make comments, email each other, post and look at photos,  update your profile and encourage classmates to register on the site.  And, just look around from time to time.

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Old Friendships are pure gold

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